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Insanely Simple Colour Picker Tool

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Insanely Simple Colour Picker Tool



I have made the best discovery ever.  For real.  PicMonkey has a colour picker tool that lets you figure out colours in real photos.  Have you ever looked at a picture, and wished you could somehow recreate the colour scheme?  Now you can.


This might not seem too exciting if you are the type of person that can instantly, effortlessly recreate any decor theme, with perfectly matching colours.  But, if you are like me and cannot figure out what colours look good (or hideous) together, this colour picker tool will make your life complete.  If only I had this when I painted the walls in my last house (just ask the people who bought it from me).


This tool is so easy to use.  All you do is load any picture, and hover the eye-dropper over it.  Wherever the eye dropper points, the exact colour will be isolated, with its colour code.  That’s it.  Isolate different colours from the same picture, and you have yourself a working colour scheme.


Want a spring colour scheme?  Choose a spring photo you like.  Want a cafe vibe?  Find a cafe picture.  It’s seriously that easy.


But, talk is cheap, so let me show you what I mean…


1.  Go to


2.  At the top of the page, click on “Collage.”


Colour Picker Tool Instructions Choose Collage






a.  Click on “Clear All” to get rid of their images.

b.  Next, look to the left of the screen, and choose the Layouts icon.  This will open the menu of                     choices you see in the picture below.

c.  Choose “Biggie Smalls.”  I personally like the one with three little squares on the side, but choose           whatever you want.


Colour Picker Tool Instructions Choose Layout then Choose Biggie Smalls

















4.  At the left side of your screen, choose the Images icon.  Then click on “Add images” to load a picture from your computer.


Colour Picker Tool Instructions Choose Images then Choose Add Images










5.  Once you’ve uploaded the picture you want, drag it and drop it into the big rectangle.


Drag and Drop Text Arrow










6.  Now comes the fun part!

a.  On the left hand side of your screen, click on the Painter’s Palette icon.

b.  Next click “Cell” to fill a cell in your image with a colour.

c.  Click on the Eyedropper icon below “Cell,” hover your mouse over the picture you uploaded, and            watch the magic happen.  Wherever your cursor is, the exact colour and colour code will appear on        the left side of your screen.

d.  Once you have a colour you are happy with, move your cursor into the cell you want to colour.  Your      cursor will turn into a paint bucket.  Just click, and voila, you have a sample of that colour saved!


Colour Picker Tool Instructions Choose First Colour









7.  To choose another colour, simply click on the Eyedropper icon again, and repeat the process.  Remember, you can change a chosen colour for a different one, if you decide it isn’t quite right…just click on the Eyedropper, choose another colour and click on the cell you want to change.


Colour Picker Tool Instructions Choose Second Colour









8. When you are happy with your colour choices, click on the “Background” button (right beside the “Cell” button).  This allows you to choose a colour for the background that shows around the edges of your cells.  To choose a colour, just repeat the Eyedropper icon process above.


Choose Background









This might sound like a complex process, but I PROMISE you it isn’t.  Once you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll quickly be able to pick the colours you want.


There are a ton of practical uses for this tool.  I found a picture of a room I really liked online.  Normally, I would not be able to figure out the exact colours in this look.  But with this colour picker tool, I know exactly which specific colours to use.


Colour Picker Tool Instructions Choose Colours for a Room












Below is another fantastic example of how easy it is figure out a photo’s colour scheme.  To use these colours in a room, I would likely paint the walls the first colour, repaint furniture with the second colour, and use the third, bold colour sparingly for accent pieces (like a bed cushion or rug).  If I wanted a whitish colour for the trim, I could add a fourth cell to the image and choose a white based on the duvet.


Colour Picker Tool Instructions Choose Colours for a Bedroom












Have you ever wanted a colour scheme based on something particular, like a season?  How about fall…


Colour Picker Tool Instructions Choose Fall Colours












…or winter?


Colour Picker Tool Winter Colours












Heck, you could decorate a room based on a photo of your significant other.  Or ex.  But that would just be creepy.  And really, really weird.


The possibilities for this PicMonkey colour picker tool are endless.  I’m seriously excited about it, because I absolutely stink at colour selection.  The only room that has been repainted in our house since we bought it three years ago is my son’s room, because he very specifically ordered, “Blue walls that are good for kids, and red curtains that kids would like.”  Simple primary colours I can do!


On a side note, most features on PicMonkey are free to use.  I personally upgraded to the “Royale” membership, because it was only $33 (US) per year, and the extras were useful for my blog.  For personal use, the free version could very well do everything you’ll ever need.


I’m interested in hearing how you might use or have used this colour picker tool in your life.  Feel free to give me the details in the Comments section below.


Stephanie  🙂


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