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Felt Halloween Ornaments – Adorably Simple




 DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments



A few years ago I bought some really cute Halloween cookie cutters (I have a thing for cookie cutters, even though I never make cookies that are rolled and cut).  I was looking at my collection when I realized cookie cutters would make perfect craft templates!  And with that the idea for these DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments was born.


Cookie cutters really are fantastic templates.  They are hard and sturdy, so they don’t tend to slip around while you’re tracing, and are easy to trace around because the pen has something substantial to “lean” on.  They can be used time and time again without having to be replaced (as always seems to happen when I try card stock templates).


Cookie cutter “templates” are also a lot easier on the hands, as 1) you don’t need to draw a template, 2) they are much easier to hold in place, and 3) pens and pencils easily glide along them.


When I first thought of this idea I wanted to make an ornament for every kid in my son’s class, but that was not meant to be.  Making a handful of these is fun.  Trying to make 30 on your own in a short time frame is a bit of a repetitive nightmare.  😉


These would be a really fun activity for a crafting get together, as they don’t take much time to make, are straight forward, and are super cute.  And they go great with coffee (or wine).


These felt Halloween ornaments would even work as a kids’ activity, once the kids are old enough to sew and cut accurately.  If you have younger children, you could always try using a glue gun instead of sewing, but I can’t vouch for how the ornaments would turn out (I’ll give it a try when I get a chance).



DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments Materials:

o    Halloween cookDIY Felt Halloween Ornaments - Materialsie cutters

o    different coloured pieces of felt (I used white, black and a yellowy-orange)

o    polyester fiberfill stuffing

o    a needle and thread (I used black)

o   thin ribbon

o    scissors (small ones work better on these little shapes)

o    pen




DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments Directions:


DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments - Cut Out Two of Each Shape1.  Put a cookie cutter on a piece of felt.

2. Trace around the OUTSIDE of the cookie cutter with a pen.  You will need 2 identical tracings for each ornament.

3.  Cut out the shapes you traced.

4.  On black felt, draw ghost and pumpkin faces.  These shapes will be pretty tiny.  See the mini tutorial below for a super easy way to get these right on your first try.

5.  Sew a face on every second cutout.




DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments Even Stitches and Leave Room to Stuff6.  You need 2 identical shapes for each ornament.  Put one on top of the other, being careful to make sure they line up exactly.

7.  Sew the cutouts together.  Keep an eye on the part you haven’t reached yet, to ensure both pieces are still perfectly matching up.  If one is “off,” move it back on track and hold it tightly as you continue to sew.

8.  To keep the ornament looking neat, make sure your stitches are the same length and same distance apart.

9.  Stop when you only have 1″-2″ left to sew.  Fill the ornament with stuffing, and then continue sewing.




DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments Sew in Ribbon



10.  When you get to the top of the ornament, stop.

11.  Fold your piece of ribbon in half, and tuck the ends neatly into the ornament.

12.  Continue sewing.  Put about 3 stitches into the ribbon to make sure it is secure.

13.  Finish sewing to close off the ornament.





DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments The End Result:


DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments Pumpkin




And now you have…a super cute Jack O’Lantern stuffy ornament!  Hang it somewhere, give it away, or use it as an add-on to a special Trick or Treat bag.







DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments Ghost




I also made a cute little ghost ornament.  Follow the same steps used for the pumpkin.  I stuck some bare branches in a vase of rocks, and hung these little stuffy guys with the mini Halloween ornaments we bought.  Together they made a whimsical little display.






Easy Pumpkin Faces Mini Tutorial. Make perfect pumpkin faces on the first try every time.




For an easy way to make perfect pumpkin faces on the first try each time, check out my Easy Pumpkin Faces Mini Tutorial.





Helpful Hints:


o  If you order cookie cutters online, remember to check the size first.  Cookie cutters can range from mini to large, so make sure you get the size you want.

o  When choosing ribbon, get the narrow/thin kind.  These ornaments aren’t very big, so a thick ribbon hanger would be overkill.

o  I was just told that a glue gun could be used to hold the ornaments together instead of sewing.  I’m not sure how well it will work, or if it would be as durable as thread, but it would be faster and a whole lot easier on the hands!

o  When you are done an ornament, have a look at the edges and trim any parts that are uneven, jagged, etc.

o  After handling felt it can get a little bit fuzzy.  Use scissors to carefully snip off any felt fuzzies.


These are just 2 of many different felt Halloween ornaments you could make with these directions.  If you decide to make some of your own I would love to see them!



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Stephanie  🙂


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