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Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments




Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments



Is it just me, or do holidays keep getting more and more complicated every year?  There is always some new “it” activity, item, event or recipe, and the pressure to keep up with it all can get in the way of enjoying the season.  To make things simpler I’m going back to a more traditional holiday.  Making DIY felt Christmas tree ornaments is one way I’m doing this.


Now, before you think of all the time you don’t have to spend making handmade Christmas ornaments, keep in mind that this isn’t something I’m mass producing.  The plan is to make one, two or maybe three DIY Christmas ornaments a year…after a few years I’ll have a nice little collection of them.


The bonus is, these ornaments are not breakable.  I drop and break at least 3 or 4 of our glass ornaments every year.


I will also be adding some natural Christmas decorations to my seasonal decor, but that’s a post for another day.



Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments Materials

Homemade Felt Christmas Ornaments Materials:


⃝      green felt

⃝      Christmas tree cookie cutter

⃝      thread

⃝      needle

⃝      fiberfill

⃝      1/8″ ribbon (for hanger)

⃝      1/4″ ribbon (to decorate the tree)

⃝      tiny beads (about 2mm diameter or slightly bigger)

⃝      small scissors

Note: If ordering ribbon online make sure you get actual ribbon.  Sometimes string, twine, jute, etc. are mixed into ribbon search results. 






Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments Cut Out Two Identical Trees

Homemade Felt Christmas Ornaments Instructions:


1.  Using the cookie cutter, trace two identical Christmas tree shapes on the felt and then cut them out.  (A cookie cutter is the perfect handmade Christmas ornament pattern!)


2.    Cut out three pieces of ribbon.









Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments Sew the Ribbon on Before You Sew the Trees Together


3.  Sew each piece ribbon on the tree.

Hint: your tree will look a lot neater if you space your ribbons an equal distance apart.   Also try to line your stitches up, and space them the same distance apart too.


4. Sew beads onto the tree.  These will be the tree’s “ornaments.”

Hint: remember to space the beads fairly equally. Also, less is more.  If you add too many beads, your tree will start to look unbalanced and cluttered.






 Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments Finished and on the Tree

5.  Sew the two pieces of felt together, leaving a space at the top (you’ll finish it off in a moment).


6. Stuff your tree with fiberfill.


7.  Cut a piece of ribbon to use as the tree’s hanger.  Tuck both ends into the top of the tree, and then sew the tree closed.


8.  Snip off any thread ends, and trim up the edges of your tree/ribbons to make them even.



And you are done!



These little felt Christmas tree ornaments look great on a tree, but they can also be given away as handmade Christmas gifts, or used to decorate presents.


If you’re interested in natural Christmas decorations, watch for my upcoming post on DIY festive garlands made from my oven dried orange slices, bay leaves, and drilled cinnamon sticks.


Stephanie 🙂

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    Tammy Alexander
    January 23, 2017 at 3:23 am

    We love our felt ornaments! The little girls play with them all year long!

    • Reply
      January 23, 2017 at 8:48 pm

      I’m glad they have fun with them! Did I give you Hallowe’en ones too? If not I’ll get a few ready to send your way. 🙂

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