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In today’s fast paced world it’s hard to make time for ourselves.  Careers, commutes, kids, family, obligations, health conditions, etc. leave us feeling as though there is no time to enjoy the simple things that make us happy.  This takes a toll on our bodies and souls.


This is the way my life was.  After insanely long days, I poured myself into bed at night, promising that I would take time for me on the weekend, which became the next long weekend, which became the next long holiday, which became…you get my drift.


A health issue recently forced me to take a step back from my hectic daily life.  For some reason, my heart rate sky-rockets when I’m on my feet, and my legs turn an interesting shade of purple when I stand.  I always feel like I’m on the verge of fainting, and if I push myself too far, I pass out.  My mind is always dizzy and foggy.  I’ve been kind of like this for a long time, but in the last couple of years it has gotten a lot worse (update: this appears to be from a condition called POTS and possibly one called MCAS).


Fainty, dizzy, purple and foggy aren’t words used to describe an ideal secondary school teacher…so until this is figured out I’m not allowed to work (or drive).  I went from being an insanely busy working parent, to a stay at home mom, in a teeny tiny town, with time to spare.


At first I felt a bit lost as I adjusted to my new limits.  I suddenly had a lot of free time, but could no longer do the things I loved.  I couldn’t go for long hikes in the bush, bike rides with my son, care for my horse….the list goes on.


I realized my life needed simplification.  As a huge first step, I gave my horse away (to the most awesome home ever).  It was the start of a journey towards a simpler, more peaceful way of being.


With simplification I have found new ways to appreciate the things I love.  I’m finding ways to indulge in things I couldn’t find time for as a busy working mom.  Life is cleaner, brighter, less cluttered, and more natural.  I’ve found satisfaction in simple pleasures.


In this blog I will create and share article posts and DIY tutorials about the general topics below.  Each is followed by a link to an article in that category to get you started.



The posts and tutorials in this blog are all about bringing simplicity and greater satisfaction to life.   As I write with my own limits in mind, these posts are perfect for those with hectic lives or limited free time.


So, pull up a chair, settle in, and enjoy the view.